It Pays For Itself!

 Research has shown that dirty solar panels run hotter and work harder, which also contributes to a reduction in power impacting the life of your panels. Soiling is the single most important performance factor under your direct control. PG&E suggests having your solar panels inspected every one to two years, or whenever there is a significant drop in performance during clear weather. To help reduce the chances of production loss, its recommended to have your panels cleaned at least twice a year. If you are near active construction sites, or have a large population of birds near your home, it's recommended to clean more often.

 Dirt and debris from weather and other elements block sunlight preventing your panels from performing at their Optimum levels. Tap water and cleaning solutions can leave difficult to remove residue and mineral stains.  Our deionized water filtration system cleans your panels with soft water that is environmentally safe.

 Solar Butler can help you maintain your system, and keep it working at optimum levels with regular cleanings and inspections. With competitive pricing, Our goal is to provide excellent service with Our clients investment in mind. Schedule your solar cleaning and maintenance today to see what Solar Butler can do for you!

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  • Single story homes
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  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Parking structures
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