Streamlined Services

 All of our services include a visual inspection of your system: Panels, brackets, connectors. Removal of leaves and other debris from around your panels. We use a soft bristle brush, along with our deionized water filtration system to clean your solar panels. The deionized, or softened, water is used in place of tap or hose water in order eliminate the possibility of mineral deposits making their way onto your panels.

A Chemical Free & Eco-Friendly Alternative!

No chemicals are used in the cleaning of your solar investment. Our deionized filtration system is environmentally safe. We do not use any soaps, bleaches, or other chemical cleansers on your panels as they are harmful to the environment and would leave residue built up on your panels. Our services include residential and commercial solar panel cleaning and maintenance.  

Our Stream lined services include monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, or annual cleaning:
- Solar Panel Cleaning
- State of the art Ultra-Pure Water cleaning method
- Visual inspection of system
- Service and inspection report

Properties We Service:

- Single story homes
- Multi story homes
- Schools
- Hospitals
- Office Buildings
- Commercial Buildings
- Parking structures
- Solar Fields




Before and After