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Does regular cleaning of my system save any money?

Yes. With power loss between 7% and 30% on a dirty panel, you can’t afford not to have your panels maintained to keep peak performance.

Does my warranty require regular cleaning?

Yes. Manufacturers require cleaning and maintenance of your system in order to warrant non-failure.

Will the rain clean my panels? Will the rain ruin my clean panels?

No and No. Rinse your panels yes, clean them, No. Just like your car, when you spray it with the hose, dirt, grime and residue remain after the car dries. Without brushing or wiping your panels, their performance will still be affected. On a maintained panel, and after a cleaning, the rain will not affect Your panels as there will be little to no dust or dirt. It is acceptable to clean solar panels in or before most rain.

Couldn't we just clean our panels ourselves by spraying them with our hose periodically?

No. Hose water causes “hard-water” deposits on the glass surface of solar panels and causes permanent damage and power loss. Trying to attempt to clean hard water spots from your panels can cause scratches, which can reduce your panels output. If damaged enough The panel could stop producing altogether, destroying your investment. We use special equipment to produce deionized water for cleaning of solar panels to prevent any hard-water deposits on your panels.

Do I have to be home for my cleanings?

No. In most instances we can access the roof from the front and can complete our service with or without you being home.